September 21st, 2018


Gabriel was the guest speaker at an event organised by Lightfoot Travel in association with the Forum Club.
Forum is a global network of journalists, economists, politicians, public speakers, academics, designers and those working in the arts. Across a range of private events hosted in London, New York, Singapore and Dubai, members come together to exchange ideas. In total, worldwide, there are 40 events a year headed by keynote speakers.

Gabriel’s talk had a focus on sustainable travel covering the Awasi Puma Foundation; the model of tourism at Caballadas (to maintain and sustain the ranch rather than make money); the unusual set up at Sol y Luna where the hotel came secondary to the foundation and was created as a means to pay for the education and upkeep of students; the way in which Delfin Amazon Cruises supports for local communities; and Casa Palopo’s Pintando el Cambio community-focused project which uses art as an agent for social change.