The largest vessel in the fleet, Delfin III offers 22 suites accommodating up to 44 passengers. On the first deck, there are 8 Suites complete with floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows as well as 2 spacious Corner Suites facing the front. The second deck consists of 10 Upper Suites and the largest of all, the Owner’s Suite. The top deck features beautiful indoor and outdoor lounge areas, a sundeck with plunge pool, a spa and gym, and of course the bar. Days are spent taking skiff rides out into the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve (the size of New Jersey) enjoying a range of activities from bird-watching to piranha fishing, jungle walks, visiting local communities, and enjoying watching the iconic Amazonian pink dolphins.

Quick Facts

Capacity: Up to 44 guests

Number of Rooms: 14 Suites

Room Categories: The Owner’s Suite, 2 Corner Suites, 19 Standard Suites accommodating up to 44 guests in double or single cabins

Booking Options: Delfin Amazon Cruises are on an all-inclusive basis, covering all meals, excursions and equipment, transfers, park entrance fees and house drinks – for full details see here.

Rates: All-inclusive 3 night programme from $3,300 USD per person – for full details see here.

Minimum Stay: 3 nights – you can choose either 3 or 4 night itineraries

Dates of Operation: Open year round

Seasons: The Amazon is a year-round destination with two seasons: high water (November to May) and low water (June to October), but both allow plenty of wildlife sightings.

Membership: Relais & Châteaux and Traveller Made

Spa Services: Delfin III has a good-size massage room and gym with a running machine and cross trainer, as well as yoga mats and weights.

Amenities: Delfin III Amenities

Internet: There is no wifi on the Delfin Amazon Cruises


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“We watched for birds and monkeys along the shore; went fishing for piranhas, cheering each other on whenever we caught one; spotted the glowing red eyes of the caiman on a night sail; visited a tributary filled with massive waterlily pads… I felt refreshed and more at peace than I had in a long time. On past trips, we usually checked our emails or Facebook during breaks between meals and activities, but we had gotten used to the natural rhythm of being unplugged and present. Our minds blissfully free from their usual hyper-attentive state, we dozed off in the afternoon sun, cocooned in our little cabin, the mighty Amazon undulating just beyond our reach.”
Laura Itzkowitz in AFAR


The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve: Did you know that the Amazon represents one half of our planet’s remaining rainforest? The mighty Amazon River begins its journey in Northern Peru, and from here it flows into Colombia, through Brazil and out into the Atlantic Rainforest. Your adventure with Delfin Amazon Cruises takes place not far from the Amazon’s source – the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. This is the largest protected flooded forest in the world which spans more than 5 million acres, and it is also Peru’s largest national park. Supporting an extraordinary number of species, The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve is home to:   

  • 269 different species of fish (including South America’s biggest freshwater, the paiche that can grow up to 2.5 metres in length, a local speciality that can be enjoyed on board).
  • 58 endemic species of amphibians.
  • 450 varieties of bird species from the blue and yellow macaw to turkey vultures, black-collared hawks and 5 different types of kingfisher.
  • 132 different species of mammals including the brown-throated sloth, pink river dolphins and 13 species of monkeys.
  • 965 species of plants from the rubber tree to giant water lilies, and numerous palm trees.


There are numerous daily flights from Lima to Iquitos (flight: 2 hours). Iquitos is the closest domestic airport to Nauta, the port from where Delfin Amazon Cruises depart. Guests are transported from the airport in a minibus with a packed lunch; the drive is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes. Delfin has a private port and guests are welcomed with a local cocktail in a typical thatched open-sided hut which leads down to the port.

Between July and November on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, LATAM Airlines operates a direct flight between Cuzco and Iquitos which is a significant time saver as there is no need for a lengthy connection via Lima. For the most up to date flight information, please refer to the Latam website directly.

These direct flights make the Upper Amazon more accessible when combining Peru’s highlights in an itinerary, for example Sol y Luna in Peru’s Sacred Valley (nearest airport Cuzco), or Hotel B in Lima.


Couples & Honeymooners: Honeymooners will receive a complimentary bottle of champagne in their suite as well as a complimentary massage. Delfin can arrange a private dinner for honeymooners to have in their suite if they wish. 

Families: The Amazon is an open air classroom for children and as soon as they set foot onboard they will find themselves in explorer mode! The guides love nothing more than to share their passion of the rainforest with mini adventurers, teaching them all about the exotic flora and fauna and the amazing ecosystem they live in. Families with children aged 7 years and older are welcome on all departures. Children aged 11 or under are eligible for a 20% discount compared to the adult rate. A third guest on an extra bed is also eligible for a 20% discount (non-cumulative). Delfin II is a great choice for families as it has two sets of interconnecting suites.


All excursions are included within the cruise rate. Short journeys (eg from vessel to land for hiking / wildlife viewing) are by skiff boat (there are 2 onboard Delfin I) – this is the best way to navigate the hidden corners of the Amazon. Activities include: 

  • Trail walks
  • Kayaking
  • Paddleboarding
  • Fishing 
  • Canopy walking 
  • Pink River Dolphin Observing
  • Birdwatching
  • Night Safaris 
  • Visits to the Rescue & Rehabilitation Center of River Mammals

For more info on these activities please see here.


The owners of Delfin have a small NGO called the Kuyapa Foundation. Among their projects is a painting programme that takes place the first week of each December, and involves the Delfin team painting the houses in the port town of Nauta from where the cruises depart. They paint the houses on the block where the embarkation port is located. They also provide healthcare to remote communities in the Amazon as well as school supplies. Clients who are interested in giving back can bring supplies and are encouraged to support local artisans by buying their crafts – see here for details.


The weather in Iquitos is warm and humid with an average annual maximum temperature of 33C (95F) and minimum of 21C (70F). There are two seasons – each differs in terms of plant and animal life as well as climate, the High Water season is a bit cooler than the Low Water season. 

High Water (December to May): Skiffs are used to explore otherwise isolated corners of the reserve. Less trail walks are possible during this season. Flowers and fruits are in bloom, so perhaps a better chance to see animals feeding – do note – this has more to do with luck and your guide’s knowledge – rather than which time of year you decide to visit. There tends to be less mosquitos during this time of year. 

Low Water (June to November): For travellers keen to do more trail walks this is a better time of year to visit. During the low water season you are more likely to see many migratory bird species flying over the rainforest.

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